I’m Rob  — the guy behind Red Stick French. I’ve studied French for about a decade now, and I received my B.A. in French Studies from Louisiana State University (Spring of 2016). Along the way, I’ve had the incredible opportunity to participate in immersion programs in Canada and France, and I have a level C2  certification on the TCF.

Because I’ve taken several courses in French phonetics and spent time living in francophone parts of the world, I can help students learn proper French pronunciation. Whether you’re just starting to learn French, or you’re already at an intermediate-advanced level, I’m confident that I can adjust my skills to suit your learning needs. I also have experience doing English to French and French to English translation, which you can learn more about here.

Teaching Experience
I’ve had the opportunity to work with students of all levels in both group and one-on-one settings, helping with things from basic conversation skills to advanced French phonetics. By hosting weekly “French tables” for conversation and tutoring students in individual sessions, I’ve gained experience teaching new concepts to students in ways that facilitate learning and retention, which helps to build up the confidence and skills necessary for learning and speaking a second language. I know from personal experience that learning a second language can sometimes feel awkward, especially involving skills like pronunciation, so I try to ensure that others feel comfortable and engaged during each lesson. In all the time I’ve spent working with other students, I’ve learned that a strong foundation in the language’s most basic parts is vital to the continued success of a second-language speaker. By building on simple concepts that have been thoroughly explained, students can begin to construct more complex ideas and are more likely to understand new ones — most often by drawing comparisons.

Interests and Work Experience
As a Louisiana native and graduate of Louisiana State University, French is definitely my passion. Although I received a B.S. for my second major in Psychology, growing up in Louisiana has heavily influenced me to seek the continuation and survival of the French language. While at LSU, I worked with other students to rebuild the French Club, which grew from 4 founders to about 115 members. Away from campus, I worked for two years as a Mac/iOS technical advisor for Apple. In my position as a technical advisor,  I assisted customers in technical issue resolution via phone. As a result of working over the phone, I had to explain steps and concepts in simple, easy-to-follow, and concise phrases, which definitely lends itself to teaching a foreign language, and this job allowed me to refine my verbal communication skills. Because I’m comfortable explaining ideas and working through issues remotely (using a computer), I have particularly well-suited experience for remote tutoring, in the case that you aren’t located near Baton Rouge and require my services.