Q: Do you only tutor students? 

A:  In addition to tutoring students who are enrolled in formal French classes, I also give lessons to adult learners seeking to learn French or improve their existing knowledge.

Q: Can you translate my website or marketing materials? 

A: Depending on the content, it’s very likely that I can translate your materials. There are some texts, such as highly-specialized product manuals, that likely need to be translated by bilingual experts in that field due to particular vocabulary; however, I can speak with you about your materials and content and let you know if it’s something I can translate for you.

Q: Where do you typically meet your students, and can you come to me? 

A: Normally, I meet with my students in public, quiet places,  such as public libraries and small coffee shops. However, after our first meeting, we can arrange to meet elsewhere if you prefer.

Q: Can you review my paper and suggest edits without us having to meet in-person? 

A: Yes. I can meet with you via Skype® in order to discuss your paper, and we can arrange payment via PayPal®. I do not accept mailed checks or cash for services rendered via the Internet (e.g. tutoring, editing, pronunciation help via Skype®).

Q: Do you have examples of your work available online? 

A: Yes, I do! You can access them here.

Q: Do you teach french to students with no prior knowledge? 

A: Absolutely. Whether you’re polishing your skills after years of study, halfway through a French II course, or starting from scratch, I can adjust my skills to your level. I also have many pedagogical resources available to assist you as you learn.